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I lied

One year later and nothing really happened with the site's content. Been too busy with other stuff.

Under construction!

This site is probably going to be under construction for quite some time while I try to get some content in order. It's done in a topdown approach so a lot of content is here, just incomplete, so feel free to look around.

Stuff - 04.24.2013

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- Unity Drops Flash Support
- Microsoft to Announce Next-Gen X-Box
- CryEngine 3 - Enodo Real-Time Demo
- Everton Schneider's Demo Reel
- Space Engine
- Space Bound Behind The Scenes Tumblr
- Oblivion GFX Montage
- Time 2013 100

Unity Asset Manager

The PixelEuphoria Asset Manager is a Unity editor window that allows automation of certain asset management and automation. To install it, download the script and move it to a folder called Editor in your assets directory. When it's added and compiled, there should be a PixelEuphoria entry in Unity's main menu that you can access the tool from.

[Download Here]

Sourcelair and opensourced Farbrausch tools

Recently, in the wide wibble of computer graphics: Sourcelair and open sourced Farbrausch tools.


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